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Annalise - Lab Created Diamond Hinged Ring

Annalise - Lab Created Diamond Hinged Ring

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Look beyond ordinary with Annalise, an exquisite 18k gold hinged segment ring boasting lab-created diamonds and genuine semi precious gemstones. Choose from pink sapphires or blue topaz. Crafted to perfection, this stunning piece makes a unique statement that‚ sure to turn heads!

Lab grown diamonds are 100% genuine diamonds. The only difference is that they are created in a laboratory instead of being formed naturally in the earth. Lab grown diamonds are identical to mined diamonds in terms of chemical composition, hardness, brilliance and fire ‚ just like a greenhouse-grown orchid is identical to one found in nature. In addition to being environmentally friendly, lab grown diamonds are also less expensive than mined diamonds, making them a responsible and affordable choice.


18kt solid gold

Care Instructions

18kt gold items should always be marked with 750, denoting their 18kt composition. The marking may require a jeweler's loupe to see and is placed on an area of the piece that does not touch the body to ensure that it is safe to wear. Gold jewelry, with the exception of 24-karat (pure) gold, typically contains alloys to improve its strength. Those alloys can cause the gold to tarnish over time. 24kt gold will not tarnish but is not strong enough to be used for body jewelry. Chemicals such as chlorine, perfume, acidic foods, saltwater, or even oils in your skin can accelerate tarnishing. Tarnish can be easily removed from solid gold pieces using silver polishing cloths or jewelry cleaning solutions.

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